"I like the puzzle of dance, the wide reaching appeal, its esotericism, excitement and cynicism.  I like all of it.  I make dances that belong in all kinds of different spaces and contexts because I like to experience creation  from as many different angles as possible.   
 Since I was a kid, I've been obsessed with movement, rhythm and theatre. My work is an investigation and celebration of these ideas; the danger of the theatre and the magic mania of a creative community working together to make something new." -Joseph Hernandez
*Nominated  New Name to watch by Jessica Teague, Dance Europe Magazine, 2018 for the Premiere of Ganz Leise Kommt Die Nacht/ The Night Falls Quietly, 2017  at the Joyce Theatre, NYC 
*Winner of the 2019 Pretty Creatives International Choreographer Competition in Portland, Oregon. (Northwest Dance Project)
"Joseph Hernandez enjoys crossing borders and searching for new spaces, new sounds, new movements, new forms and opportunities for the expression of dance. He has demonstrated this with works for the Semperoper Ballett, but also with choreographic or dance works in the independent scene. Taking all this freedom into account, his output, however, is not free from a rigorous aesthetic demand." Boris Gruhl,