BLUE SCREEN is the fledgling dance company/moniker helmed by choreographer Joseph Hernandez, comprised of as many different kinds of artists as we can muster. It took us a while to find a name, and we settled on this for a number of reasons:

Besides the obvious affinity with blue in all its forms (à la Maggie Nelson) we like the name BLUE SCREEN because it conjures images of possibility, tragedy, and nostalgia.  The work we have made, and intend to make, is inextricably linked to the existence of humanity within a mess of technological and social systems.  We can't decide whether we like the screen more or the abyss; the content or the saturation. 

The start of this enterprise is a gesture toward an ethic that we feel can be deemed truly contemporary (whatever that means). BLUE SCREEN DANCE aims to create opportunities for artists that centre the building of community, the shaking of systems, and the brandishing of joy in the face of a terrifying world. Check back here for updates/merch/workshops.            

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