ContentContent is a performance piece born out of millennial terror and decades of friendship. Musicals, talk shows, TedTalks, memes and cartoons come together in a celebration and elegy of unavoidable media. 

Joseph Hernandez and Caroline Beach are the 90s kids, the experts and victims of this cultural circus. They follow a clown through the post 2008 financial collapse through a maze of suburbian nostalgia, dead malls, and formal tomfoolery. They invite us all to play the jester in order to reverse engineer our own humanity.

 Co-produced by Societaetstheater DresdenSupported by Prozessförderung Fonds Darstellende Künste 

 thanks to Go Plastic Company for the additional support concept, 

choreography, performance, Music: Caroline Beach and Joseph Hernandez Stage and Costume: Amelie Sabbagh and Jinx Rüger video art: Lucie Freynhagen, with contributions from Eva Jaekel, Clemens Reinicke, Nelli Lorenson, Markus Stein, and others

project manager: Ana Dordevic

TRAILR, Festspielhaus Hellerau 2023*

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