The Lavender Follies

World premiere in Monaco Monte-Carlo, 2018

with Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo

Television Premiere: September 1 , 2018 3Sat Television in Germany, Co produced by EuroArts 

Choreography : Joseph Hernandez

Scenography and costumes : Yannick Cosso & Jordan Pallagès

Light Design : Samuel Therry

Music composed by Johannes Till

Dancers : 

Asier Edeso as Sylvia Von Harden

April Ball as Madame

Francesco Mariottini as Madame´s assistent

Maude Sabourin, Kaori Tajima, Taisha Barton-Rowledge as The Norns

Benjamin Stone, Simone Tribuna as The Wrestlers

Alvaro Prieto as Charon

Lennart Radtke, Mickael Grunecker as Dr Weltschmerz

Candela Ebbesen as The Lady in green

Elena Marzano, Cristian Assis as the dancers

Photo credit : Alice Blangero

The Lavender Follies is a work that celebrates and deconstructs theatrical history. Set in a fictional cabaret, the Lavender Follies takes place in an atemporal epoch in theater. Striptease, comedy, dance, performance art, and architecture are intertwined to create a daring and curious spectacle. The nature of performance, expectation, catharsis, and design are all called into question. 

Photos, Alice Blangero 

Trailer by Alice Blangero

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