Sawdut and Rust

World premiere in Monaco Monte-Carlo, 2013

with Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo

Choreography : Joseph Hernandez

Scenography and costumes : Yannick Cosso & Jordan Pallagès

with the assistence of Tania Georget

Film direction : Joseph Hernandez, Yannick Cosso, Jordan Pallagès

filmcut : Yannick Cosso

Acteurs :

Vanessa Dos Santos Henriques as the victim

Stephan Bourgond as the master

Dancers :

Stephan Bourgond as the Master

Simone Webster as the Mistress

Lucien Postlewaite as the Butler

Liisa Hamalainen as the Priestess

Carmen Andres as the Pet

Anne-Laure Seillan as the Victim

Music composed by Nico Muhly

Sawdust and Rust was born out of the research of cruelty. It captures the romanticism and resignation in the music of Nico Muhly. (The only tune, parts 1 and 2.) The audience witnesses a group of men and women who have sequestered themselves in the wood for a dark purpose. 

Photos, Alice Blangero 

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