Persistence Sequence

World premiere in Monaco Monte-Carlo , 2014

with Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo

Choreography : Joseph Hernandez
Scenography : Yannick Cosso & Jordan Pallagès
Costumes : Vanessa Zarrouk
Set : Matthieu Stefani, Xiao Wang
Dancers :
April Ball as Maya Pearlman
Asier Edeso Eguia, Bruno Roque as Thomas Burford
Vanessa Dos Santos Henriques as The secretary
Liisa Hamalaïnen, Frances Murphy, Maud Sabourin, Kaori Tajima, Alvaro Prieto, Lucas Threefoot as the Archivists

phot credit : Alice Blangero

In Persistent Sequence we examine a kind of self imposed prison. A woman is trapped inside an archive of her past experiences until an external probe disrupts the homeostasis of her catalog and causes chaos. 

Photos, Alice Blangero 

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