World premiere in Dresden, 2016

with the Semperoper Balett

Choreography : Joseph Hernandez

Scenography and costumes : Yannick Cosso & Jordan Pallagès

Dancers :

L'oracle :Aidan Gibson

Le Narrateur : Johannes Schmitt
Vera : Caroline Beach
The Secretary : Raquel Martinez
The manager : Courtney Richardson
The Sellsman : Fabien Voranger
The Accountant : Francesco Ricci
The intern : Chiara Scarrone
The assistant : Skyler Maxey-Wert
The postman : Casey Ouzounis

Photo credit : Ian Whalen, Gael Rosticher

ORAKEL presents itself as a parable. It is a piece about the replacement of an orakel in ancient Pythia, but we imagine that, instead of ancient Greece, these actions take place in an atemporal time. This allows the audience to imagine the mystery and majesty of the gods through familiar pictures of fashion, culture, and humanity.  

Photos, Ian Whalen 

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